Making complex data & workflows legible

Since starting my career in design, I have always found myself drawn to platforms that juggle complex data, intertwining workflows, and expert users. As a designer, I strive to create simple user experiences that make a business impact and I especially enjoy digging into data heavy systems and complex workflows. I am passionate about user research and vouch strongly for users' interests, but am excited by the spirited discussions with my counterparts in product and engineering who provide their perspectives.

🥼 Currently, I am a Senior Product Designer at Oscar Health, a healthtech insurer.
🛍 I previously led design as the only designer at a Deep Learning startup in the retail space called Focal Systems.
🍏 Even prior to that, I designed applications at Apple, for their retail stores


A "note-first" Electronic Health Record

Building a strategy for our EHR to be more opinionated on where provider attention should be focused during an appointment to be optimize patient care, reduce double documentation, and increase provider satisfaction
Details coming soon :) 

Patient encounter history

From data model to UI, I had the opportunity to work closely with the PM, application-side tech lead, and service-side tech lead, to reconsider provider needs and redesign the patient encounter history in Care Delivery, our Electronic Health Record.
Case study under construction!

Designing for our Care Guides

I started at Oscar on the Concierge Tech team, building full service tools to equip our Care Guides with the ability to answer any questions that members call in with, ranging from finding providers to getting cost estimates.
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Contributions to the product/design teams

During my time at Oscar, I have had the opportunity to contribute to a few initiatives impacting the design team and product organization. These range from team process improvements, to hosting fireside chats for the wider company.
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FOCAL SYSTEMS · the archives

Designing for a computer vision platform

Prior to Oscar, I worked at a Deep Learning and Computer Vision startup focused on creating an operating system for brick and mortal retail. As a startup goes, I wore many hats and thus was able to contribute to many efforts during my years here.
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