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DiamondDAO's primary product Chainverse is a platform that connects people to the knowledge they need to make an impact through innovative Web3 communities. Chainverse is powered by a community-maintained knowledge graph.

Team overview

I worked with Diamond DAO from February 2022 until August 2022. At the time of joining, the team was four people strong, with everyone being technical. I joined at a time to take all the research and market analysis that had been done, and work with the team to scope and design what the MVP set of features would be.

MVP iterations & beta testing

We decided early on that we needed a beta testing group. It would be a win-win situation because we needed to seed the database with some data, and it would be a great opportunity to test the platform and our hypotheses. We iterated quickly on primary workflows, designing, developing, and collecting feedback in rapid cycles. When the core features were done, we onboard our set of beta testers and let them run wild with the application for three weeks. In that time we continue developing our P2 features for added functionality.

Models and traversals brainstorming

Part of my time was spent working very closely with our two infrastructure engineers developing the model and data architecture. I strive to understand schema constraints and my engineering counterparts strive to understand use cases so that together we could build and test the best product.

Team offsite & V2

Santa Fe offsite

In early May, when the beta group concluded, we had collected pages and pages of user feedback from the synthesis sessions. From just those sessions we knew there were critical drawbacks of the system as we had it now, as well as clear opportunity areas for where to grow the product. Given this opportunity, we decided to get together in Santa Fe for an in person working week. And, with one of our cofounders residing in Santa Fe, we got a very homestyle tour of the city as well!

I actually wrote about our full process from the beta cohort to our offsite learnings and planned changes in a post that you can read here.

Condensed and modified design sprint

During the week together, we focused on digesting all of the user feedback together, combined with our market assessment, and discussed various directions that we could take the product next. Our goal at the end of this offsite was to put together a rough road map of the next few launches of this product focusing on our version two with the highest fidelity of detail and confidence.

Diving back into coding

As we were about ready to go heads down on design and development working in parallel, our front an engineer decided to move on to other opportunities. Given my background in full stack development, I decided to roll up my sleeves and ship some code while we looked for another full-time front end engineer. I got to say, it was a lot of fun doing this again!

Last handoff designs & walkthrough

At the time of my departure, I delivered a prototype for the next big version we wanted to launch. You can see some key screenshots below, or feel free to skim through my handoff Loom recordings. All designs were created from 0-1 during this time.
Explore page
Search results with slide out on the right
Creating a blank workspace
Workspace in progress
Adding in structured data
All workspaces
Revolving design component library

Loom handoff recordings