Care Delivery - An electronic health record for virtual-first care

Oscar has been known for our Virtual Urgent Care service, that allow Oscar members to call or message anytime, anywhere, and get access to a clinician. Starting in the middle of 2020, Oscar began expanding this virtual program into primary care.

Oscar's virtual-first primary care model aims to use digital tools to simultaneously increase accessibility and convenience to care, and improve health outcomes through higher touch point care models.

Team overview

I joined Care Delivery at the beginning of 2021 as we began scaling our virtual primary care practice and program. I've contributed to projects from launching net new capabilities in the EHR, to improving workflows, to making minor adjustments here and there to improve the quality of life for the application and our providers.

Below are a few overviews of my work on the team.

Care Delivery overview

This is an overview of the Care Delivery EHR platform. There are two parts of an electronic health record - the medical records (colloquially known as the "chart") and the documentation that provides write and place orders in during an appointment (colloquially known as the "chart").

While I joined after the initial development of the app from 0-1, my broad strokes contributions have included improvements to the Diagnosis and Ordering functionality, implementing responsiveness in the application, and incremental UI changes to refocus the users on the right parts of the application.

Adding structured vitals to documentation

If you think back on your own doctor's office visits, a core part of every appointment is the "rooming" experience at the beginning, where your vital signs are taken. Oscar has made it possible for this to continue happening in a virtual environment! Based on the plan, Oscar may send the patient an at-home vitals kit that consists of a thermometer and blood pressure monitor. Providers will ask a patient to take their vitals at the start of the appointment, and providers can then record it in Care Delivery.

With this project, we needed to give providers the ability to add the structured data for vitals through the medical chart, as well as have it documenting in their note.

Patient timeline redesign

From data model to UI, I had the opportunity to work closely with the PM, application-side tech lead, and service-side tech lead, to reconsider provider needs and redesign the patient encounter history in Care Delivery, our Electronic Health Record.